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Mei-Ling McNamara

Dear Gretchen,

I am a travel guidebook writer for Bradt Travel Guides (http://www.bradtguides.com), and will be writing and researching a new guidebook to Senegal beginning in April. I am looking to possibly link up (via email or in-country) with Peace Corps volunteers (or former PCVs)to get their views, insights and tips on Senegal. I would love it if you could pass this email on to any other PCVs currently living in Senegal or if you are willing to contribute to the guidebook in any way. I will be sending this email on to other PCV blogs as well. I am currently based in the SF Bay Area, but will be arriving in Senegal in early April and working for three months. I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

Best regards,

Mei-Ling McNamara
Writer-Bradt Travel Guides
(925) 240-6201

Carol Reynolds

PEACE CORPS WEEK is coming up again. Time to think about sharing your stories with school children!! They are always eager to hear about life outside of their little world. Opening their minds to what lies beyond their reach at this point in their lives is always a good thing....I'll stop now cause I fear I'm beginning to sound like a commercial...Take care.

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