> Dad's Senegal Photos

The Teranga view
Like Mother, Like Daughter
The road
Road Work, Senegalese Style
Ndaari the Photo Hog
Penda Sy and I
The Compound Sy
Miriama preparing lunch
Sissoho, Eisenhut, Sy
Samba fetches water while Iydi watches
Working in Diaw's garden
Sada proud of his baby sheep
The kids outside my hut
Sada, donkey and sons
Enjoying the Hott's
Dad teaching Ibrahima, my counterpart
Mari and I
Kids at Galle Camera
Ariel view of the compound
Galle Camera
One Angry Sheep
Bush Village
Horse Cart
Christmas Best
German Family Eisenhut
Cotton harvest
Unkown bird
A room with a view
Monkey eating cookie
Feeding a monkey Biskrem