> April 2006

Nee Dioulde Making Pottery
Saamba Drives the Box
Dioulde's Hand and Pottery
Chef's Kids
Approaching the Mali side of the river
Intensive river farming
Who was to stop us - the gerndarme post
Now, where does Senegal end and Mali begin?
The Malian Border
Gretchen in badlands
Fete Niebe - The Village Named Bean Party
Crash in the distance
That's a lot of spilt rice sacs
The spillage upclose
The view to Sinthiou Fissa
Improv music
Cafe Can Instrument
Ramata at work on beautifying Happsoto
Yes, they are really putting coal into her gums
Kitty and the net
Glen at work on my door
Glen and my finished door!
Glen's New Look
Amy Works With Clay...
... And Amy Makes a Man
Adam and the Cashew Apple
Enjoying the Total Station
Luis and Steve Make Friends with the Talibes
Sarah, Steve's AIDS Garden
Steve Actually Works...
Chives CAN Grow Out of Pipes
Barrel Drip Irrigation
Steve's Tomatoes
Courtney Checks Out the Herbs
Table Growing
Steve Himself, Courtney